Friday, January 15, 2016

Storyteller's Journey

While Journey to Snowdonia won't be released until the 2017 holiday season, I still thought I'd give you a sneak peek of the synopsis - as well as a few of the illustrations - for our latest storybook/picture book:

Henry and Harriet are proper children, who live in a proper house, on a proper street in Victorian London. But when their father, Mr. Charles W. Smithwaite, decides to take the family on a winter holiday in Wales, the siblings go on an outing that is anything but proper. Whilst their father and mother are busy with their society friends, Henry and Harriet venture away from the country inn, deep into the ancient Gwydir Forest, in the legendary land of Snowdonia. Then, when a mishap occurs in the mysterious old woods, they discover the magical powers of the amazing creatures that live amidst the misty mountains of Wales. But most importantly, they learn about courage, and about kindness, and about the necessity to sometimes believe in a thing... even though it makes no sense at all.

Oil paintings by Michael Lindstrom - Copyright 2016

These four oil paintings are a small sampling of the illustrations that will be needed for our picture book/storybook Journey to Snowdonia.

The manuscript for Journey to Snowdonia is complete, but will still require a final edit. However, I'm keeping very busy with a rewrite of my middle grade novel Livvi Biddle - The Secret at Stonehenge.
(Michael asked me where all the British inspiration was coming from and I had to remind him I'm not only Norwegian, I'm also French, Italian, AND Welsh!)

Over the holidays my mom and I perused over old family photos. My mother's maiden name was Tuson; here's a photo of one of my British ancestors (we're trying to confirm he's my great-great grandfather):

Tuson ancestor from Middlesex England

I hope my ancestor was a nicer fellow than Charles W. Smithwaite!


  1. Those paintings are really good. This should be a beautiful book when it's finished. Sounds like a good story, too.