Monday, January 11, 2016

Bibliophile's Corner

City Atlas - Travel the World with 30 City Maps
Illustrated by Martin Haake
Written by Georgia Cherry

Back Cover Description:
Go on a global adventure with this illustrated book of 30 cities from around the world.
Spot famous people, iconic buildings, cultural hotspots, and child-friendly destinations in these detailed city guides that offer hours of fun for children and adults alike.

My Thoughts:
This beautifully illustrated and well-written picture book is not only fun, but informative. Famous and not so famous facts about each of the thirty world cities included in this book make it a rare find: the book will fuel the young reader's imagination, as well as offer new facts to adults - I know it did that for me! Whether you want to offer your child a "window to the world" or an extra resource to plan your next major trip, City Atlas - Travel the World with 30 City Maps is a great find.

Click here to learn more about the illustrator, Martin Haake.

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