Friday, August 8, 2014

Storyteller's Journey

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   Petrified to Give My Pitch!

Last weekend I attended the SCBWI Summer Conference in Los Angeles. I was anxiously anticipating the informative workshops, hearing the award-winning author Judy Blume and the rest of the spectacular speakers, and to giving my pitch to two well-known agents in the Kidlit world. Well, maybe not anticipating giving my be honest, I was petrified to give my pitch!

The good news was, not only were the agents knowledgeable, they were nice. They allowed attendees to read our pitches. Consequently, all the fretting and practicing I'd done in my hotel room had been unnecessary! One issue the agents addressed was the difference between a pitch and a synopsis. Thankfully, I'd done my homework.

Here's a list of the resources I used when I composed my pitch:

What is the Two-Minute Elevator Pitch?

The Perfect Pitch: Pitching to Agents at a Writing Conference

The Eight Steps to a Powerful Pitch

This great article on writing a synopsis includes step by step directions, making it easy for me to complete that dreaded task:

How To Write a 1-Page Synopsis - Susan Dennard

One of the things about being a writer is we must be willing to tell people about our writing/book, (even if we're nervous). If we're not excited about it, why would we think anyone else would be?

Have you ever given a pitch to an agent? If so, were you petrified?

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