Monday, April 28, 2014

Bibliophile's Corner

The Boundless
by Kenneth Oppel

Flap Copy Description:
Will Everett Has Always Wished For An Adventure.

Little does he know his adventure starts the moment he boards the Boundless. There is a murder, and now Will protects a key that can unlock the train's hidden treasures. Villains are fast on his heels and strange creatures are lurking outside the windows, as the Boundless hurtles across the country. Together with Maren, a gifted escape artist, and Mr. Dorian, a circus ringmaster with amazing abilities, Will must save the Boundless before someone else winds up dead. His adventure may have begun without him knowing...but how it ends is up to Will.

My Thoughts:
Kenneth Oppel, an award-winning Canadian author, has penned a wonderful adventure story for boys and girls alike. As I read this recently released middle grade novel, I must admit, I saw the entire saga play out in my mind; so vivid are the characters, the settings, and the train ride across North America. (I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Oppel speak last year at our local community, and found him to be not only entertaining, but a staunch supporter of literature for young people. He shared in presenting the awards for a writing competition to local teens.) I would highly recommend The Boundless to readers from the ages of eight to twelve!

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  1. Sounds like another great read. You always showcase books I have not heard of yet. Thanks for the review - sounds like a book I can recommend to my nephews.

    1. Yes, a great book! Have a good day, Ruth. :-)