Monday, April 14, 2014

Bibliophile's Corner

House of Secrets #2
Battle of the Beasts
by Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini

Flap Copy Description:
Since their last adventure, life in the Walker household is much improved. Dahlia Kristoff (aka the Wind Witch) has been banished. And now the Walkers! The kids are at a new school, Bay Academy Prep, surrounded by the children of bankers and CEOs. But this change in their fortune hasn't brought them happiness. Brendan is having a hard time making friends. Cordelia's worried that her adventures in Denver Kristoff's books have warped her mind - and even her body. And Eleanor just wants things to go back to how they used to be.

But while the Walkers are dealing with their issues, Denver Kristoff is looking for his daughter, Dahlia, and no Walker will be safe until she is found. Summoning her to San Francisco will mean bringing all the danger that comes with her and putting the Walkers back in the crosshairs of a mysterious journey through Kristoff's books. Old enemies will make shocking choices and new friends will prove themselves as the Walkers travel from ancient Rome to World War II to Tibet. They'll learn that The Book of Doom and Desire isn't the only thing that can corrupt. And they'll be tested in ways that cut deeper than before, by Denver Kristoff, the Wind Witch, and each other.

My Thoughts:
It's was no surprise to me that House of Secrets Book 2 - Battle of the Beast is another wild ride of an adventure fantasy from Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini. As I mentioned in my book review of the first installment of the House of Secrets series, Chris Columbus has numerous credits to his name -  including having directed the first two Harry Potter movies, among others. Ned Vizzini was the award-winning author of several books; sadly, he passed away last year. While the character development is a bit weak in both upper middle grade books, the pace, plot, and humor seem to make up for it. I would highly recommend House of Secrets, Book 2- Battle of the Beasts to readers from the ages of eight to fourteen.

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