Friday, May 11, 2012

Storyteller's Journey

   No Schmooze...You Lose!

Last Saturday I had the wonderful privilege of meeting with some local members of the SCBWI - most of whom I had never met before! Our city is in a situation like a lot of towns where the regional meetings are usually quite a ways away, while another region is actually closer.

Photo by Susan Uhlig

It was wonderful to have a small meeting of the Western Washington chapter of the SCBWI in one of our local libraries for a Clark County SCBWI Schmooze!

The group represented  a great variety of those involved with Picture Books, MG stories, and of course Young Adult. It never ceases to amaze me how inspired and rejuvenated I am after spending time with a group of such creative writers and illustrators. We all agreed that we would like this to become a quarterly event. Many thanks to Susan Uhlig - long time SCBWI member, and past regional advisor, for organizing this special morning. Since she took this photo, and is therefore not pictured, I am attaching the link to her website so you can get acquainted with this lovely lady.

Thanks to SCBWI for this Schmooze - we all had a blast!


  1. Oh how lovely! I'm glad you got to meet some SCBWI members. That's great we/they are getting together at times other than the conference and the retreat!! Have a super weekend. :)

    1. Thanks, Carol. I was really glad to meet some great local writers and artists. I believe a few of the faces you probably recognize! You have a great weekend, too.