Monday, May 14, 2012

Bibliophile's Corner

Waiting for the Magic
by Patricia MacLachlan

Flap Copy description:
People may drift apart,
but love can hold them together.
Sometimes we find that love
through magic.
Sometimes that magic is all
around us.

This is a story about all of these things.
But it's also a story about how four dogs and one cat help one boy and his sister save their family.

My thoughts:
Patricia MacLachlan is a master storyteller; Waiting for the Magic is another heartfelt chapter book by the Newbery Medal Award winner. What makes Ms. MacLachlan's writing so wonderful is that even when it is a simple story, she seems to spin it into a masterpiece! The character development, dialogue, and setting descriptions are superb. For me, it is partly what she doesn't write that is so amazing - she allows the story to speak for itself, never overwriting. I would highly recommend this middle grade chapter book to readers from the ages of 8 - 12.

To learn more about the award-winning author, Patricia MacLachlan, click here:

(For all of you who will be attending the SCBWI Summer Conference this August in Los Angeles, CA -
Patricia MacLachlan is scheduled to be one of the keynote speakers!)


  1. This sounds like just the kind of story I like best. Thanks so much for recommending it, Victoria.

  2. Thanks,Ruth. It has been so helpful to read books by a number of MG authors, since that's the genre I write. Ms. MacLachlan is amazing. Take care ~

  3. How fun! A story about how 4 dogs and 1 cat help save a family. Middle grade kids (and writers) would love to read this!

    1. Thanks, Carol. What is so endearing about this story is that the animals can communicate with humans, but only when their hearts are ready - it's lovely.

  4. I love her writing. Allowing a story to speak for itself is tricky, but she masters this. Thanks for a wonderful review!