Friday, January 20, 2012

Storyteller's Journey

               The Hostile House

Yesterday the snowstorm that hit the Pacific Northwest earlier in the week transitioned  to a driving deluge. This occurrence is a common one - we're used to it. However, our eighty-three-year-old home decided to allow our sump pump to go on the blink. By the time I discovered our dilemma half of our basement studio floor was covered in water! Thankfully my husband always keeps his oil paintings off the floor. Still, repairing the pump, and mopping up the mess fell to me - my husband was thirty miles away at his evil day job. After several attempts to fix the pump - Voila! Success! However, the phrase about, "celebrating too soon," comes to mind. Again the darn thing malfunctioned! Consequently, my husband had to come home like the knight in shining armor. As it turned out, there was an electrical problem with our fuse box - thankfully he was able to make the necessary repairs.
The reason I bring this up is that life doesn't stop just because we want to write - so how do we stay on track? Clearly, this episode was unavoidable - but so are any number of other situations. It painfully reminded me of the importance of making the best use of my time - all of the time.
In my mind I thought I had an extra day to stay on schedule -
however, my hostile house had another agenda!

Do you have any unusual or silly stories of getting
"thrown off the track" with your writing?

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  1. Oh noooo! I'm SO glad the oil paintings weren't on the floor. What a mess. Glad you had your knight in shining armor to help you out. :)