Monday, January 9, 2012

Bibliophile's Corner

Legacy of the Empress
by Rebecca Knight

Back Cover description:
Evil is Coming
Darkness is spreading throughout the land of Taleria, feeding off its people. The queen is corrupted, seduced by its evil promise.
Princess Astrid, held prisoner in the castle by her mother for years, discovers a book of magic and uses its power to escape. The only way to save Taleria is to free the Empress of legend who banished the same dark magic centuries before.
Astrid doesn't know the first thing about being a hero, much less journeying to the Crystal Fortress where the old woman is imprisoned. She's never been out of her mother's grasp, and now, the Queen's spies are hot on her heels.
Beautiful creatures twisted into monsters, uncertain allies, and the deadly mystery of the book she possesses are the least of Astrid's concerns. As she faces the darkness, she learns that saving the land she loves may ultimately mean watching it burn...

My thoughts:
Debut author, Rebecca Knight, has written a YA fantasy with a captivating story; weaving a tale with the wonderful heroine - Princess Astrid. If you enjoyed Robin McKinley's book, The Hero and the Crown, you will be treated to a similar mythical and magical fantasy by Ms. Knight. However, this novel contains some violence not appropriate for the middle-grade reader. I would recommend Legacy of the Empress to readers from the age of twelve and up.
Congratulations, Rebecca Knight!


  1. Sounds like a good read! I did read THE HERO AND THE CROWN, a long time ago (in the 1990s) and enjoyed it. :) Yes, you're right--I think violence in middle grade novels needs to be minimal and toned down. Although most kids are (unfortunately) exposed to the violence in movies they watch.

  2. Thank you for the lovely review, Victoria! :D This was intended for Young Adult, so I totally agree about the violence.