Friday, January 13, 2012

Storyteller's Journey

 Writers' World of Wordlandia

Leaving the world of health care and entering the world of writing is a bit like being transported into an alternate dimension in a YA novel!
After years of working as a dental hygienist I realized there were only a finite number of ways one could administer an intraoral injection, root plane maxillary molars, or explain to a dental patient (for the umpteenth time) that rinsing with an oral antimicrobial would not remove all of the plaque in their mouth - even if it was easier than flossing!
Following a career-ending injury I was left for dead professionally until I found a portal to the magical world of writing - Wordlandia! In this creative cosmos the inhabitants dress differently, act differently, and speak a different language from those residents in my previous place of existence. The writers in Wordlandia are the lucky ones. They are not concerned with staying inside the lines - on the contrary; they desire to conquer the boundaries of creativity to discover inspiring new tales that will delight and dumbfound the reader!
I am busily learning the rules and regulations of Wordlandia; knowing that passion is not enough to reach the throne of publication.
The next time you get discouraged or downtrodden remember:
You exist in a magical world of writers - Wordlandia!

I know...this post is a bit quirky! Any thoughts on life in Wordlandia?

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  1. Wordlandia...I love it! Sorry about the injury, but I'm glad you're here in Wordlandia! And seriously, I don't know how people in the dental field do it. I'm ready to pass out just thinking about a visit to the dentist (I eat a lot of candy :/)