Friday, August 5, 2011

Storyteller's Journey

My self-imposed deadline to complete the rewrite of my MG fantasy novel, The Tale of Willaby Creek, is fast approaching. Why is it in life that just before you cross the finish line, reach the summit, or even graduate from college that many times one last group of obstacles attempts to thwart you in your goal? This past week my computer was hacked, we developed a major plumbing problem, and I decided to take a hard tumble on our brick terrace! After my husband issued the obligatory sympathy, I brushed myself off and am limping around with dark purple bruises as a sign of my lack of coordination. If these wounds had been acquired in some sort of true 'hero's journey' or were badges of courage somehow, I would rejoice - however, they're not. They only serve as one more distraction - and as another reason for me not to wear shorts!
     The good news is that I just finished my manuscript yesterday! Now it's time for revisions and editing. I'm still on track to submit my query letter to an agent, with my first ten pages, sometime in October. Stay tuned... I'll let you  know!

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