Friday, October 9, 2020

Storyteller's Journey

Book Events in the Era of Covid-19

Last Saturday I held a book signing for my recently released children's book, THE NIGHT OF THE NORTH. It will be my only in-person event. Unfortunately, the pandemic has placed severe obstacles to connecting with the fans of our children's books.

Here are some suggestions on how to connect in a safe & secure way:

1- If you do hold an in-person event, require the wearing of masks, use a plexiglass vendor shield, maintain social distancing, and have hand sanitizer available. Make sure you use a venue that isn't in a cramped area. (My event was held amidst a courtyard outside an art gallery.)

2- Hold an online event via Zoom after using social media to advertise.

3- Use Twitter, Facebook, and/or your blog to hold a contest.

(Speaking of contests, click here to access my current contest!)

There are also online, group events that you can participate in to promote your children's books. Right now, I have a page on the SCBWI BookStop event. Click here to view my BookStop page!

It will take creativity to promote your book, but it's possible. Good luck!

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