Monday, October 28, 2019

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The Tragical Tale of Birdie Bloom 
by Temre Beltz

Flap Copy Description:
In the fairy-tale kingdom of Wanderly, everyone has a role.
Birdie Bloom is a Tragical. Doomed to an unhappy ending, she spends her days locked away with seventeen other orphans at Foulweather's Home for the Tragical, where she's supposed to be learning to accept her terrible fate.
Agnes Prunella Crunch is a witch. The wicked kind. Which means she's supposed to be perfecting her witchy cackle and flinging curses from The Book of Evil Deeds. But lately, Birdie has been desperate for an escape, and Agnes has been in a bit of a witchy slump. The one thing they could both use is … a friend. And with the help of some magical Winds, a wayward letter, and a very unusual book, they might just find each other - and together rewrite their story into one that (just between us...) isn't very Tragical at all.

My Thoughts:
This middle grade novel by debut author Temre Beltz is sure to frighten all fans of fantasy this Halloween! It includes colorful characters, a puzzling plot, and features the unusual feature of footnotes - not surprising  since Ms. Beltz is also a lawyer! My favorite element in The Tragical Tale of Birdie Bloom is the theme of friendship prominently featured throughout the enchanting story. I highly recommend this middle grade novel to readers aged eight to twelve.

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