Monday, March 4, 2019

Bibliophile's Corner

Counting Birds
The Idea that Helped Save Our Feathered Friends
by Heidi E.Y. Stemple and
illustrated by Clover Robin

Flap Copy Description:
What can you do to help endangered animals and make a positive change in our environment? Get counting! Counting Birds is a beautifully illustrated book that introduces kids to the idea of bird counts and bird watches. Along the way, they will learn about Frank Chapman, who used his bird knowledge and magazine Bird-Lore to found the first annual bird count.
Bird counting helps professional researchers collect data, share expertise, and spread valuable information to help all kinds of birds around the world, from condors to hawks to kestrels and more.
Counting Birds introduces kids to a whole feathered world that will fascinate and inspire them to get involved in conservation and become citizen scientists.

My Thoughts:
Counting Birds - The Idea that Helped Save Our Feathered Friends is the perfect picture book to encourage children to bird watch! In it, the author tells the true story of how official bird counts came into being in the United States - but it's so much more. Heidi Stemple's book also features challenges for the young reader at the end of the book, and in addition to that, the illustrations by Clover Robin are exquisite! I highly recommend this beautiful and important book to all young readers.

Click here to learn about the author, Heidi Stemple.

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