Friday, March 17, 2017

Storyteller's Journey

Cover Image by Michael Lindstrom - Copyright 2017

It's always exciting to reveal a cover for a new book, but especially when it's your own! My husband, Michael Lindstrom, delivered big time with the cover art for our upcoming book, Journey to Snowdonia.

This is the second book in our series of Lindstrom Wintertime Tales.

Here is the flap copy description for Journey to Snowdonia:
Henry and Harriet are proper children, who live in a proper house, on a proper street, in Victorian London. But when their father, Mr. Charles W. Smithwaite, decides to take the family on a winter holiday in Wales, the siblings go on an outing that is anything but proper. Whilst their father & mother are busy with their society friends, Henry & Harriet venture away from the country manor, into the ancient Gwydir Forest, deep in the land of Snowdonia. Then, when a mishap occurs in the mysterious woods, they discover the magical powers of the amazing creatures that live amidst the misty mountains of Wales. But most importantly, they learn about trust, and about kindness, and about the necessity for courage when confronted with an adversary. A magical tale of whimsy & wonder, sure to delight readers this holiday season!

We'll be promoting our children's book later in the year, so stay tuned!

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This is my last post until April - it's time for a spring break. I'm anticipating spending quality time in my soggy garden!