Monday, March 6, 2017

Bibliophile's Corner

Pen Pals
by Alexandra Pichard

Amazon Description:
An octopus and an ant are paired up to write letters for a school project in this charming picture book in the tradition of Dear Mr. Blueberry.

For an entire school year, Oscar the ant and Bill the octopus send letters to each other as part of a school project.

Oscar loves table tennis, and Bill loves modelling clay.

Oscar does judo, while Bill has a garden.

Despite their differences, the two new friends find shared interests…all leading up to one final surprise!

My Thoughts:
On of the things I love most about children's picture books is the way they usually present serious subjects wrapped in humor, silly stories, and delightful art. Pen Pals delivers big time on all counts! Topics dealing with differences in race, body type, and even culture, are subtly woven into this smart story by the author, Alexandra Pichard. I highly recommend Pen Pals to readers from the ages of four to seven!

Click here to learn more about the French author, Alexandra Pichard.

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