Monday, April 4, 2016

Bibliophile's Corner

Beatrix Potter
& the Unfortunate Tale
of a Borrowed Guinea Pig
by Deborah Hopkinson and
illustrated by Charlotte Voake

Flap Copy Description:
Young Beatrix Potter - who will grow up to be perhaps the most beloved children's book author of all time - adores animals. She probably has more pets than any young lady in London, and she especially loves to draw them.

And when Beatrix decides to paint a picture of her neighbor's guinea pig, the magnificent Queen Elizabeth, she promises that no harm will befall the regal rodent. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Well...unfortunately, quite a lot.

My Thoughts:
This review (and recommendation!) is being written only minutes after I finished reading this remarkable picture book! Ms. Hopkinson and Ms. Voake have collaborated to create a delightful tale based on a true story in the life of Beatrix Potter. The text is exquisite, and the illustrations are sublime. I can only imagine how pleased Ms. Potter would have been to have seen such a lovely book based on her young life. Like so many other writers, the iconic author/illustrator is one of my inspirational heroines in the world of children's literature.
Beatrix Potter & the Unfortunate Tale of a Borrowed Guinea Pig will have a special place in my library - right next to my complete collection of The Tales of Peter Rabbit. I highly recommend this beautiful picture book to readers from the ages of eight to eighty!

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