Friday, September 18, 2015

Storyteller's Journey

The Rhythm of a Literary Life

As summer officially draws to a close I find myself ready to hunker down and feverishly write.
It seems I feel the same way every autumn. Why is that?
When I reflect upon the months and seasons of a year, I find that certain behaviors seem to occur during certain months. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the moon, or maybe it's the fact that I am part of Nature and am more affected by the seasons of life than I realize.
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Here's a list of the seasons and my corresponding behaviors:

Autumn - Staying indoors in general, which includes: Reading, researching, and writing. (Usually I'm writing a new outline and first draft at this time.) For my non-literary activities: cleaning the house and entertaining guests seems to occur most this time of year. And of course, watching the Seahawks on TV!

Winter - My behavior during this season is much the same as in the fall, with the exception that we tend to seek out a warmer climate during the winter. This is usually the time we visit my family in Arizona. Celebrating during the holiday season is something I thoroughly enjoy. I also make a plan for the following year during the month of December for not only my life as an author, but for our personal life.

Spring - Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, I anxiously anticipate the end of the cold and rainy months - which means I can get out in my garden! Planting new flowers, weeding, and tidying up the yard in general are all activities I enjoy immensely. As far as writing goes, it seems I usually find myself finishing up a project, or at the very least, a predetermined writing goal, this time of the year.

Summer - Ah, the season that is just concluding. Since becoming a published author I've discovered that this is the very best time to market my books - at least in person. There are numerous book fairs and festivals in the PNW; in fact, I was so busy this summer that I had a couple of opportunities I passed on. Other than the annual writers' retreat on Mt. Hood that I attend (where I usually get in 5000-6000 words), summer seems to be the season that I write "hit and miss." That being said, I accomplish a variety of things (like meeting other authors and selling books!) that are just as important to an author. And, since I read so many children's books during the year, summer seems to be the time that I catch up on reading books written for adults.
(The Wright Brothers by David McCullough was wonderful!)

When I viewed my writing habits in this manner, I realized that like the seasons, there is a rhythm to my literary life. Once I embraced that truth, I was more fulfilled and seemed to accomplish more as a writer than ever. It also relieved me from any guilt for not writing the same amount in the summer as I do in the fall. In addition to that, I never feel like I'm in a rut as a writer. It allows me the time to respond to my family, friends, and hobbies. That all contributes to making me a more happy and healthy individual.

                  Do you recognize a rhythm to your literary life?

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