Monday, September 28, 2015

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An Interview with Kriston Johnson
Author of The Legends of Elyndia

It is with great pleasure that I feature the author Kriston Johnson as my guest author today. Kriston's most recent novel - Ensnared - in her Legends of Elyndia Series, just released earlier this month.

Before we get to my interview, here is the gorgeous cover and flap copy description of the latest book in her young adult fantasy series:

Facing monstrous demons, a ravenous dragon, and a malicious faerie queen are the least of Jade’s worries.

It has been a fortnight since Jade confronted Draven, and he has emerged from the battle more terrifying than ever. Armed with a new plan and fueled with unrelenting determination, Draven casts a dark spell and calls forth new players that no one ever expected, bringing him one step closer to opening the portal to The Fathom.

Jade vows to bring an end to the madness she feels responsible for and works to harness her elemental power, but unforeseen consequences arise. Her power is growing beyond what she can control, and it’s on the verge of destroying her from within.

Was learning to use her magical ability the beginning…or the beginning of the end?

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VL - Welcome to Writ of Whimsy, Kriston! Before we proceed with the interview, I feel we should let our blogging buddies know - if they don't already know - that we've been writer friends for years. That being said, I couldn't be more excited to have you as my guest author today.

KJ - Thank you for having me, Victoria. It’s been quite a journey since we first met and were both aspiring authors, yet we lived to tell the tale!

VL - What inspired you to write The Legends of Elyndia Series?

KJSeveral years ago I witnessed my husband receive an antique knife as a gift. The knife is of Egyptian origin with a copper colored blade covered with a tattered sheath. He carefully grasped the sheath and slowly pulled it off of the blade. As he did this I imagined a glowing light emanating from the blade, filling the entire room as if a wave of magic had been released. From that moment on the world of Elyndia came to life, and I focused the story around a magical dagger and the young lady who controlled it.

VL - You seem to have a passion for writing (and reading) fantasy, Kriston. Where did that originate?

KJ I have been fascinated by fantasy stories since I was a young child. I cannot remember a time that I was not drawn to magical and make believe worlds. As a young person I would always beg my mom to rent The Dark Crystal and The Last Unicorn. I’d watch them over and over until they had to go back to the rental store. I can’t ever remember a time that I was not obsessed with Star Wars, and these obsessions have just followed me t
hrough life.
VL - What is one of the most important things you've learned on your storyteller's journey?

KJ – One of the most important things I’ve learned is the balance between writing life and family life. So I guess I’d have to say…to always be in the moment. If you're writing, don’t feel guilty about what you're missing out on. And when you’re relaxing don’t feel pressed to go write. Otherwise you will fail at both. Make a schedule and stick to it.

VL - What is your work in progress, Kriston?

KJ – I am working on a story about a young woman who is falsely accused of killing her father, the Chieftain of her clan, and finds herself tied to the mast of a warship set ablaze. She narrowly escapes and we follow her journey while she tries to prove her innocence, and looks for a way to save the people she was forced to leave behind.  We actually meet her in Ensnared. Her name is Linnea. 

VL - That sounds like a fascinating story! What advice would you give to a novice writer?

KJ – I would tell them not to let another writer’s success, or failures, keep them from following their dreams. It is so easy to watch someone that you feel is successful sell tons of books, and interact with legions of fans, then wonder why you don’t have the same thing yourself. It is also easy to watch someone fail, then think if they can’t do it, how can you expect to. Everyone’s success comes at different times in life, and sometimes it take years to get established, or write that special story that is going to catch on. Don’t get discouraged, if you quit, you’ll never know what could have happened. You must persevere!
VL - Great advice, Kriston. Thanks for being my guest author today on Writ of Whimsy!
       Here are the online sites where you can visit Kriston Johnson:
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Kriston is also the founder and owner of an interior book design and formatting company called Tattered Page Ink.  Facebook  Twitter


  1. Thank you having me today, Victoria. It's always a pleasure visiting Writ of Whimsy!

  2. Great interview! I'm currently reading and enjoying Ensnared!