Monday, June 1, 2015

Bibliophile's Corner

Nana in the City
by Lauren Castillo

Amazon Description:
In this magical picture book, a young boy spends an overnight visit with his nana and is frightened to find that the city where she lives is filled with noise and crowds and scary things. But then Nana makes him a special cape to help him be brave, and soon the everyday sights, sounds, and smells of the city are not scary—but wonderful. The succinct text is paired with watercolor illustrations that capture all the vitality, energy, and beauty of the city.  

My Thoughts:
Having recently returned from a vacation in New York City, I can relate to the apprehensions of the protagonist in this extraordinary Caldecott Honor picture book. The whimsical illustrations coupled with the message that you can overcome your fears - even in a major metropolis - is something that children of all ages could relate to. This delightful book also reinforces the idea that you can make a happy home even in an unfamiliar setting. I highly recommend this picture book; it's one that should be in all children's book collections.
(Note: My copy of Nana in the City was purchased at the world famous Strand Bookstore in the heart of Manhattan as a souvenir!)

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