Friday, March 6, 2015

Storyteller's Journey

     A Passion for Creativity

I've blogged many times about creativity here on Writ of Whimsy, but recently I had an ah-ha moment about my own creativity. When it comes to books, I not only have a passion to read them, and write them...but also to make them!
On the left is a mock cover for my upper middle grade novel:
The Tale of Willaby Creek - the official cover reveal and release date will be coming soon!

Here's the flap copy description for The Tale of Willaby Creek:
A magical tale of amazing sacrifice...
When a violent windstorm strikes an enchanted rain forest many of the woodland creatures of Willaby Creek are stranded, injured, or lost forever to the frenzied force of the tempest.
Basil, a black bear full of doubt and fear, becomes the unlikely leader to head the woodland creatures' rescue. He is joined by Daphne, a spunky dryad; Oliver, a wise horned owl; Elbert, a noble elk; and a host of other creatures who inhabit the enchanted rain forest.
Dangerous twists and turns in this animal adventure-fantasy cause Basil to discover a courage, and a conviction, he never knew he had. The answers to the ancient mysteries in this magical tale emerge in an extraordinary finale under the tall timbers of the hidden hinterland.

I had a blast making this mock dust jacket. There is something about creating a children's book from start to finish that I love.

Cover art and photography by Michael Lindstrom 2015

I've also acquired the help of a cover designer and a formatter to help me see this novel come to life. (The Tale of Willaby Creek was written several years ago and was the first manuscript I ever completed. It has also been rewritten, revised, and edited.) What I've recently learned about myself as a writer, is that I truly desire to be a hybrid author. (Here is a recent article that states we should possibly use the term Partner Publishing.) While I still hope to gain traditional publication for my MG fantasy series, Livvi Biddle, I also want to write stories for a niche market and retain control of the style of my books by publishing independently.

My husband and I hope to collaborate on many more projects similar to The Scandinavian Santa, such as my current work in progress: Journey to Snowdonia. We would also very much like to spend a summer visiting as many National Parks as possible while painting and writing poetry along the way. The idea of a resulting book from a trip like that truly appeals to me - but again, it would be for a niche market.

I hesitated for some time before deciding to proceed with independent publication of The Tale of Willaby Creek. However, I believe it's a tale worth being told, and in the years since the novel was written, options within the world of book publishing have exploded. I plan to promote my novel this summer in the Olympic National Forest/Park where the story is set. I'll also be attending the Northwest Book Festival with a writer friend where we'll share an author booth at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Oregon. It's shaping up to be another busy year.

    I'll be sure and keep you updated on the progress of this project.


  1. Sounds like a great plan - traveling to do art and poetry. When we go to Galicia, Spain, it affects us the same way: my husband takes photos (he does black and white photography) and I write poetry. We hope to collaborate on a poetry/photo book one day.