Friday, March 13, 2015

Storyteller's Journey

Mindsets and Manuscripts
One of the things I love about writing is that I can have multiple projects going at the same time. This mindset has reinvigorated my manuscripts. (Public Domain Photo.)

It's as though one of my stories feeds the other, and vice versa.

Right now my work in progress is a picture book, but I'm also revising a middle grade novel, and preparing a third manuscript - another MG novel - for publication in a few months. (I blogged about that last week.) What I've realized is that my mind enjoys "shifting gears" from time to time. Also, it's healthy to step away from a manuscript for a few weeks; when I return my eyes see the story in a fresh and critical way.

I've learned a few things about this mindset regarding my manuscripts:
*Have a set deadline for each manuscript - prioritize your stories.
  (In what order do you hope your books might be published?)
*Keep organized outlines, notes, & diagrams for each project.
  (This is the only way to keep your stories straight!)
*When you've completed a manuscript, send it to your editor.
  (While it's with the editor, keep working on another project.)
*Treat your stories like you would your children.
  (Give them equal time and attention, as best you can.)
*Occasionally, let your mood decide which story you'll work on.
  (This is one way to avoid writer's block, & to inspire fresh ideas.)

I know this mindset will probably not be for every writer, but I love it!

The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.
                                                            ~ William Somerset Maugham


  1. This is really good advice. Margaret Atwood once said she never has writer's block, because when one WIP isn't working, she switches to another, and she's always writing.

    1. Mitty - Thanks for mentioning the comment by Margaret Atwood. Have a great weekend!