Friday, June 6, 2014

Storyteller's Journey

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It's been nearly seven years since the seed for the yuletide story of The Scandinavian Santa plopped into my mind on a dark December day. I'd been brooding in my studio about how sometimes life can be so difficult when, for some unknown reason, I thought of my great-grandfather: Peter Swanson. (My Norwegian ancestor on my mom's side of the family turned out to be the inspiration for my protagonist.) To say I'm grateful for the way life has turned around for me, would be an understatement for sure. It's not only this book that's made a difference in my life, it's the strength I had to muster to deal with a myriad of struggles all along the way on my storyteller's journey. I am thrilled with my debut book; this experience has been extraordinary. Here is the flap copy description of our picture book/storybook, that my husband - Michael Lindstrom - so masterfully illustrated:

     Journey to the enchanted land of Scandinavia, where, nestled in the Nordic Forest, lives Santa Swanson. Each winter, this nephew of St. Nicholas has his own Christmas Eve delivery to make - but what that is, and to whom, has long been hidden. With the help of two mischievous flying polar bears, Gunnar and Ludvig; a rescued golden eagle, Lars; and a host of other whimsical creatures; Santa Swanson prepares for his annual sleigh ride down Viking Valley!
     Delight in this yuletide adventure, complete with a fanciful ice skating party, a rustic holiday feast, and an unexpected reunion with Santa Swanson's famous uncle. In the midst of all this wonder, the forest friends learn a heartwarming secret from a Christmas angel revealing the magic of generosity.

The Scandinavian Santa will be available in September 2014 in hardcover and ebook (Amazon, B&N, Apple) from Deeds Publishing.


  1. Ideas for stories often appear from personal experiences. Good luck with your book.

    1. Thanks so much, Richard. All the best to you!