Friday, March 15, 2013

Storyteller's Journey

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Unexpected Research

I spent a considerable amount of time during the summer of 2011 researching the British Prime Minister - Winston Churchill. He is featured in a small, but significant role in my middle grade work in progress. The biographies I read were time consuming - sort of like reading your high school world history textbook! While I do not consider myself an expert on the historic politician, I do feel I have enough of an education on Churchill to be accurate in the context of my story.

Earlier this month I finally found the time to read a book I've been anticipating - Prague Winter, by Madeleine Albright. Ms. Albright is a woman I have long admired. While I knew her memoir included the World War II period, I never imagined there would be so much information about Winston Churchill! I didn't learn any information that will change my story; but it did give me a deeper understanding of Churchill's character. It was a great reminder to me that reading from a variety of genres is not only healthy, it can be helpful.
What type of books do you read outside the genre you write in?


  1. How wonderful you could find a deeper understanding of him.

    Honestly, I try to be familiar with most genres (Not so much horror or erotic) I know there are areas I should be more familiar with though, thanks for the reminder!

    1. It's funny you would mention the two genres that you don't normally read...I agree! Have a great weekend, Sara!