Friday, August 24, 2012

Storyteller's Journey

Constellation or Shooting Star?

The memories I have of attending summer camp as a youngster are some of my most cherished treasures. I can recall sitting around the campfire and staring at the stars with my fellow Camp Fire girlfriends. The first time I ever saw a shooting star was at Camp Melacoma - I had been amazed. However, waiting for another flash across the night sky was excruciating. I found myself enjoying the view of the Big Dipper - it was so massive and bright hanging in its reliable location in space.

As a writer it is tempting to write a novel using the best creativity and craft I possibly can, but as quickly as I can. However, if I was lucky enough to have that story published it would probably be like a shooting star - a flash that quickly disappears. How much better it would be to take the time to research, build, and write a novel that has a chance of lighting at least one young person's path - a constellation.

One of the themes that seemed to echo over and over again at the recent SCBWI Summer Conference was the idea of writing something classic - something timeless. That message has inspired me to go back, yet again, to my W.I.P. with a new vision and a new vitality to "connect the dots" of my manuscript in a more complex manner. Rather than just get my story launched into literary cyberspace, I hope to have a chance to send it into orbit. Although I've mentioned Brian Littrell's quote on my blog before, it's just too appropriate not to use again:

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.


  1. Wonderful imagery! Hope you create your constellation.

    1. Thanks, Sara. Having an understanding, and creating, are two totally different things; I'll let you know how I do. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love that picture of you!

    I wasn't allowed to go to camp. I like your description of it.

    May you reach the stars, Victoria!

    I'm about to try your Word Verification for the fourth time. ARGH! So hard to read. Hard to comment.

    Now I'm trying for the fifth.

    Now the sixth.

    1. Thanks for the extra effort to leave a comment, Theresa - I get frustrated by the word verification sometimes too. Hope you reach the stars as well! ^_^

  3. If we don't have dreams, we don't have life.

    The idea of building a constellation is a great one. Thanks for sharing it.