Friday, April 6, 2012

Storyteller's Journey

         I Hear MG Characters!

One of the things that motivates me as a writer is to be so familiar with my characters that I seem to hear them. You heard me right - they speak to me! Obviously, I do not hear them audibly, but still, they make their wishes known to me. It must be similar to an actor getting "in character." As a writer, the more real my protagonist is to  me, the more I seem to know how she, or he, would naturally act and speak. What's more - if I get discouraged, the thought of my MC seems to pick me up.
At one of the recent meetings of the Magic Pen Critique Group this topic came up. It was surprising to me to discover that everyone agreed:
they feel as though their characters are real!

Have you had this experience - or are writers in the Pacific Northwest just weird? :-)


  1. Our characters are a part of us. There are bits of us sprinkled in each one we create. I love them as if they were family. They are real to me.

  2. I agree Loree. It brings to mind Beatrix Potter. She felt that the characters she created were her friends. I believe creative people approach their work more from their heart than the "normal" folks!

  3. my characters give me hints, tugging me where they want to take their story =)

  4. No, you're not weird! This doesn't happen to me right away, but after several passes of a book, I do feel as if these people are real.

    1. You're great, Julie! I believe I tend do do this more readily from years of reading as a child and somehow thinking the characters were my friends! It has come in handy now that I'm trying to create my own characters. Thanks!

  5. I was just thinking this the other day... how writers are much like actors getting into characters...except we have to use words to convey everything.
    We really have to make our characters feel real or else readers won't connect with them... one story I wrote 2 years ago actually got me depressed when i was done writing it cuz I missed the characters so much. lol