Friday, May 20, 2011

Storyteller's Journey

     Although I have finished the first draft of my animal fantasy novel; I have been doing a major rewrite of the entire text for the last couple of months. My first draft lacked tension and was weak on some important stages in the Hero's Journey. I am on track to complete this revision by mid-late summer.
     My first attempt at writing children's literature was my storybook - The Scandinavian Santa. Although I have received positive feedback for this story; the word count is way too high for a picture book. One friend suggested it would make a good Christmas coffee table book since my husband's paintings/illustrations are so beautiful. (She's probably correct; I may try to market it that way next fall.) The person who did the major editing for The Scandinavian Santa was my own son, Kevin Zimmerman. His gift of good grammar and his ability to be objective, with his own mother, were invaluable. Although he is a C.P.A. his friends have used him often for their editing needs, and have told him he should write professionally. He recently has begun writing; and has also started his own blog - check it out:

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