Friday, May 13, 2011

Storyteller's Journey

Since I am not a published author one might think that the mode of publication, whether independent or traditional, would not matter to me - to some extent that's true. However, speaking with writer friends it seems "the times they are a changing" as the saying goes. Only a few years ago authors were saying things like,"Well, I'd never lower my standards and be self-published." But, with the onset of e-books, apps, and people forming personal digital libraries statements like, "to be independently published is better than not being published at all," can be heard. With the recent book deal by Amanda Hocking, of seven figures, it seems the pendulum may now be swinging to an even more positive position for independent publishing. Authors like the idea of not having their work edited beyond any recognition of their original text. I have heard statements like,"I have sent out over a hundred queries-with no response!" and "I had an agent, but I still didn't get published!" I know for me, being the traditionalist that I am, I prefer to walk the straight and narrow of publishing - firmly holding an agent's hand! However, the future is in such a state of flux for all those in the world of books; that my journey as a storyteller may yet take some unexpected twists and turns - without a map, I may be in for a bumpy ride!

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