Friday, February 21, 2020

Storyteller's Journey

Cross-Training My Creativity

Recently, my son David and I started working on a screenplay for my first book, The Scandinavian Santa. Our purpose is to play around with the idea of bringing the book from page to stage - or film. Since David is a screenwriter I'm learning a lot!

While it's fun to dream of my book coming to life in a theatric fashion, we are well aware that this project is most likely a learning exercise for both of us. Cross-training one's creativity is always so beneficial.

David has stated it's been interesting to see the differences between a book and a screenplay - like the way a written story must paint a picture with words. Whereas, a screenplay is more like a picture book: it counts on the images (the actors' performances) to tell so much of the story.

One huge place where we connect on our creative paths, is the concept of Save the Cat! - written by Blake Snyder. That screenplay formatting has also been adapted for novelists. (Jessica Brody's Save the Cat! Writes a Novel.)
In the end it's all about story and story structure, no matter what medium you write in.
The Scandinavian Santa was inspired by Peter Swanson, my Norwegian great-grandfather - David's great-great-grandfather. In addition to David, my middle son Kevin helped in the early stages of the book by assisting with editing. My mother also added to the book by sharing her memories of her grandfather, Peter. Everything about this project has been a family affair!

Because this book has involved so many family members, it's brought us all closer together. (I even reconnected with a cousin who I'd not seen for decades soon after The Scandinavian Santa was released!) 

Do you enjoy cross-training your creativity?

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