Friday, February 23, 2018

Storyteller's Journey

Quote by author/scholar Okakura Kakuzo
A Whisper of Spring

Every year, about this time, most denizens of the Pacific Northwest get a bit tired of the dreary weather. Last week we had a few sunny days, so I ventured out to my soggy backyard.

It's always a pleasant surprise to see a new sprout from a perennial plant - like a whisper of spring to come.
As I deadheaded a few blossoms I'd missed last fall, it occurred to me that new life is better able to blossom after the old life has fallen away. Are there old beliefs, habits, or grievances that are holding back new life in my creativity?
I thought of a few and vowed to myself to work on letting go of those this year.

As I wandered across the yard to a flower box I was surprised to see a tiny alyssum blossom. While we've had a mild winter (until just recently), the delicate flower usually doesn't bloom until May! 

It occurred to me again the multitude of  metaphors we use that are derived from nature - like early, or late, bloomer. Here's a great quote:

Hope you're having a wonderful winter, with even a whisper of spring!

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