Monday, December 11, 2017

Bibliophile's Corner

The Christmas Boot
by Lisa Wheeler

Amazon Description:
Lonely Hannah is delighted to discover a warm black boot as she gathers kindling in the forest. A poor woman, she doesn't have proper shoes on her cold feet. "Glory be! I only wish I had your mate," she says to the boot, and the next morning, to her great surprise, there is not just one boot but two sitting by her bed! More wishes bring even better gifts—but the best is still to come: A visitor arrives at her door—a man with a big white beard, wearing a red suit and only one boot. Who could this magical visitor be? Santa Claus, of course! And he has one more surprise in store for Hannah: She wakes up the next morning to find a new puppy waiting for her! 

My Thoughts:
This beautiful picture book is a must read for children during the Christmas season! The lovely illustrations, coupled with the imaginative text, reveal the need for not only appreciating life, but for being grateful. The Christmas Boot is a truly entertaining tale for the holidays. I highly recommend it for readers aged four to seven!

Click here to learn about the author, Lisa Wheeler.
Click here to learn about the illustrator Jerry Pinkney.

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