Monday, June 5, 2017

Bibliophile's Corner

That Neighbor Kid
by Daniel Miyares

Amazon Description:
There’s a new boy in the neighborhood, and he’s up to something very curious. His next door neighbor, a girl his age with two long braids, peeps around corners and watches as he scavenges wood from the fence between their houses, drags around a hammer and a bucket of nails, and reads a book about living in trees. When she finally works up the courage to say “hi,” she finds herself invited to help build the private getaway every child has dreamed of: a tree house. She also finds herself with a new best friend.

My Thoughts:
The beautiful illustrations by author/artist Mr. Miyares magically reveal the message of this heartfelt story. That Neighbor Kid needs but two words to convey a powerful tale of curiosity & friendship! While this is the first book I've encountered by Mr. Miyares, it is not his first creation. I look forward to perusing through his other children's books as well. I highly recommend That Neighbor Kid to readers aged four to seven.

Click here to learn more about author/illustrator Daniel Miyares.

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