Monday, May 2, 2016

Bibliophile's Corner

Wing & Claw
Forest of Wonders
by Linda Sue Park

Flap Copy Description:
Raffa Santana has always loved the mysterious Forest of Wonders. For a gifted young apothecary like him, every leaf has the potential to unleash a kind of magic. If only Raffa's cautious father would allow him to experiment freely, Raffa knows he could discover miracles.

When an injured bat crashes into Raffa's life, he invents a cure from a rare crimson vine that he finds deep in the forest. The powers of the vine are stronger than Raffa could have imagined. His remedy saves the animal but also transforms it into something much more than an ordinary bat, with far-reaching consequences. Raffa's experiments lead him away from home to the forbidding city of Gilden, where troubling discoveries make him question who he can trust . . . and whether exciting botanical inventions, including his own, might actually threaten the very creatures of the forest he wants to protect.

My Thoughts:
The award-winning author Linda Sue Park has created a beautiful middle grade novel full of whimsical animals, magical potions, and complex characters. This first book in the new series Wing & Claw introduces us to the wondrous world of the young apothecary Raffa, as well as his animal friends. The protagonist in this well-written Old World tale is faced with problems all around, as well as within his own heart; he is assisted by the strong supporting cast of Garith, Kuma, and Trixin. I highly recommend Forest of Wonders - the first book in the Wing & Claw series - to readers from the ages of eight to twelve.

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