Friday, November 20, 2015

Storyteller's Journey

Building a Multi-Author Book Event

In the last fifteen months I've had two children's books published, and while those events were wonderful, they were also both learning experiences. The need to market my books was something I'd planned for, but for which I was not thoroughly prepared.
Photo Credit:  Courtesy of the Public Domain

 However, I soon learned a few things about promoting my books. I blogged about Marketing Strategy last year here on Writ of Whimsy.

Recently I've discovered that building a multi-author book event can be a great way to go. There are several advantages to teaming up with author friends, even when each of you writes in a different genre:

1- A mixed-genre event can draw a wider variety of visitors to your book event. People who may not have known about you, might purchase your book while supporting the other author(s).

2- Any incurred expenses are shared equally by the participating authors.

3- The authors can have a discussion on any number of topics related to their books, rather than just reading and having a Q & A.

4- A book event with multiple authors creates a more dynamic and enjoyable experience for its visitors.

Building a book event with multiple authors is not without its challenges - especially when it comes to promoting the event. However, that challenge can be conquered with a bit of creativity. Here's the flyer for a recent book event I participated in with two mystery authors:

This opportunity came about because I'm friends with Carolyn J. Rose, an author of numerous novels. While participating in the event I got to know Ellie Alexander - a lovely local novelist I'd only recently met.
It was difficult to see where we could tie our very different books together; but a dear friend who helps me out with publicity - Candace Robinson of CBB Book Promotions - came up with this clever slogan: The Bear, The Baker, & Bigfoot . All three of us loved her idea!

We had an engaging talk about our writing techniques, as well as our journeys as authors. The visitors at the event were treated to a diverse discussion on what being an author means to each of us.

This is a great example of how, with just a bit of imagination, an extraordinary book event can be built with a variety of authors.

Tomorrow I'm teaming up with my author friend, Kriston Johnson, for another exciting book event! Imagination was again needed to find a bridge for our MG & YA books that would be a creative way to promote our event. It was accomplished with our shared love of fantasy novels:

It seems I enjoy marketing my books almost as much as writing them. It's an added bonus when you participate in a book event with a friend. If you live in the Portland/Vancouver area we'd love to see you there!


  1. I wish I could attend! I've got a Gaelic language intensive, though, that's already been postponed once... and book club! I hope it goes well for you ladies. :)

    1. Thanks, Margaret! Please stay in touch; it was great to see you in Portland. :-)