Friday, May 1, 2015

Storyteller's Journey

My Dream Team!

This past week loads of bloggers participated in the cover reveal for my soon-to-be-released middle grade novel:
The Tale of Willaby Creek.

Thanks to all those awesome bloggers for helping me get the word out about my animal adventure fantasy; I so appreciate your support!

I'd also like to thank my Dream Team for all their professional assistance, allowing me to focus on writing. Those special folks are:

CBB Book Promotions - Thanks, Candace, for organizing the cover reveal! - Author Website Management - Maddee, Jen, and Ryan you're the best!
Mae I Design - I love the book cover - and the bookmarks - you designed for my new novel!
Tattered Page Ink - Thanks for your professional interior design of my book - I love it!
MVP Video - Thanks for another wonderful book trailer, Jim!

As I proceed down the trail of my storyteller's journey I realize more and more just how important my Dream Team is to me as an author.

     I highly recommend all of the professionals listed above!


  1. They do sound like a terrific team. And you sound like a great team player.

    1. Who knew that being a published author was also being the CEO of my own company?! Have a great weekend, Elizabeth!

  2. Congratulations, again..the book really looks fantastic

  3. I'm so glad you have a great team, and you're not doing all this alone! Congrats--it's exciting you have another book already. :)

    1. I started writing The Tale of Willaby Creek seven years ago, so it's actually been in the works quite a while. You know how it is, Carol: You're in your studio for years before a book comes to life!