Friday, September 19, 2014

Storyteller's Journey

This Author's Acknowledgments

Due to the fact that my recently released children's storybook -
The Scandinavian Santa - is in a picture book format (only 32 pages in length), there was not enough space to thank everyone within the book. So, I've chosen to send my heartfelt thanks and appreciation via this blog. Listed below are the numerous individuals who inspired, supported, and assisted me along my arduous path to publication.

Since The Scandinavian Santa was a collaborative project with my husband ( he contributed the paintings for the book), I was inspired early on by other married couples who had traveled the path to publication together. They include: H.A. Rey & Margret Rey who penned and illustrated the classic Curious George children's books; Berta & Elmer Hader who collaborated on The Big Snow - winner of a Caldecott Medal; and Ingri & Edgar Parin d'Aulaire who created Children of the Northlights. (Their book was especially inspiring to me since the subject matter was so close to our own.) Creating a book with one's spouse is invigorating, and at times, challenging. Knowing that the three couples listed above collaborated to create such beautiful books for children was immensely inspiring.

Thanks to my dear parents: Don and Sheila Cardon. The principles of perseverance and independence you taught me have served me well in life, and in becoming a published author. I'm looking forward to seeing you both again in January! Love you, Mom and Dad.

To the Cardon and Lindstrom Clans: Thanks for understanding (or at least attempting to) our passion for creativity. Lots of love to you all.

To Kriston Johnson - author, writing partner, and friend: What can I say, kiddo? For years we joked that when one of us was Frodo Baggins, the other was Samwise Gamgee, and vice versa. Thanks for padding the path to publication with me. Your friendship, support, great critiques, and techie abilities helped me finally get there.

To my close friend, Laura Johnson: Having a friend to share the secrets of one's heart is a rare thing; thanks for being that friend. I've so enjoyed our chats on life, literature, and loss. And while you were still grieving over the death of your dear husband Dave, you offered to edit my work. There are few souls on our planet like you, Laura.

To a dear friend and a fantastic librarian, Amy Lee: Your support of me, and of Michael, means so much. Your friendship is the kind that warms the heart. Your commitment to literacy has informed and inspired so many people in our community. Thanks for being my hero on so many levels, Amy.

To a magnificent mystery author, and my mentor: Carolyn J. Rose:
Little did I know when I first walked into your creative writing class at Clark College so many years ago, that you'd be the person who would become my teacher, mentor, and friend. You probably didn't know just how low I was at that time, but your humor in teaching the craft of writing was the perfect medicine for me. I'll be forever grateful that you kindly pointed out more than a few errors in my writing without making me feel embarrassed. Quite the contrary, you treated me, and the rest of your students, like published authors. And, you're still supporting me now that I'm actually published. You're simply the best, Carolyn!
(Do I hear Tina Turner in the background?)

To my first critique group: The Magic Pen Critique Group: Those early days when we were all students in the Clark College creative writing classes and, thus, novice writers, will always remain in my heart as cherished memories. The critique group we formed was a joy to attend. It was wonderful to watch each other grow and develop in our abilities as writers. I hope we all stay in touch for a long, long time.

To my present critique group: Anna Craig, Deb Cushman, and Kriston Johnson: Why you three (an MFA student, a veteran educator, and a published author) agreed to create a group with a former dental hygienist, I'll never know, but I'm so glad you did. Your critiques in the latter stages of this book - just prior to publication - were invaluable. I look forward to many more critique nights, with the appropriate refreshments, of course. ^_^

To The SCBWI Tribe: To all the writers, illustrators, agents, and editors I've met in the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators who supported me with your friendship and kind professionalism: thank you so much. Although someone might not be meant to remain in your life long term, they can certainly act as a guiding light along the lengthy (and sometimes tortuous) trail, that is the life of a writer. A special thank you to the founders of SCBWI for providing an extraordinary place for creators of children's books to be supported and inspired.

To Deeds Publishing: Thanks for putting up with me and my bad case of "debut author anxiety." Your professional edits, layouts, formatting, and marketing truly allowed The Scandinavian Santa to take flight. Bob, Jan, Mark, and Matt: I'm SO grateful for your wonderful work. If we ever make it down to Atlanta, Georgia, we'll stop in and say hello.

To the Webmasters at Xuni: A HUGE thank you to both of you, Maddee and Jen. You two designed (and now manage) my author site with all the creativity, professionalism, and efficiency I ever could have imagined. On top of that, you're both super nice ladies to work with; you treat a debut author (like me) as if I was a best-selling celebrity. Thanks for creating a website that reflects my style as a writer; I love it.

Cover to Cover Books & Expresso - A big thank you to bookstore owner Mel Sanders (Author, Mel Sterling) for your support of not only me, but of numerous other authors. Michael and I also appreciate your kind offer to host our book launch party - it's getting close now!

To MVP Video Productions: Thanks to videographer, Jim Martin, for your wonderful work on our interview video - we love it. Best of luck to you with your singing/comedy gig; we still need to get down to Tommy O's and see you perform.

To Art on the Boulevard: Thanks to the gallery director, volunteers, and artists at AOTB for including us in your awesome art community. Creative types are, by nature, a bit quirky, and it's such a strength to us to have your support. A special thank you to Kevin and Kristy Weaver for your commitment not only to the arts, but to so many different facets of our fantastic community. You're both so inspiring to Michael and me, and we're honored to have you as our friends.

To the Columbia River Art Group: Hosting your monthly critique group in our home has been an amazing experience. Listening to oil painters discuss composition, craft, and even voice, reminds me just how much the different branches of the arts intertwine. Thanks for your support of my writing and, specifically, of The Scandinavian Santa. Celeste, Dave, Camila, Nila, Eric, and Michael: You guys are great!

To my Blogging buddies, Facebook friends, and Twitter peeps: Some days your posts & comments, quips & quotes, and tweets & retweets, are what really pick me up, make me smile, and keep me going. It's amazing to me that folks I've never met before could play such an important and inspiring role in my life. Thanks ever so much.

My Great Gang ~

To my son and daughter-in-law, David and Jessica:  Thanks for all our chats on life, literature, education, travel, and faith. You two are so inspiring to me. Your support of Michael and me, and of our creative ventures, means so much. Best of luck with your own creative goals down there in Southern California. Love and miss you both.

To my son, Kevin: Your commitment to excellence is something I've always admired. Whether in life, or academics, you've never settled for less than the best. Consequently, that included your edits of my work. Thanks so much for the key role you played in those early days when I was crafting this book, Kev. Good luck with your own writing back there in NYC. I miss you so much.

To my son, Brian: Our chats on creativity, and how the different arts contain numerous similarities in that regard, are always so inspiring. Thanks for arranging the musical vignette for my interview video, and composing those for my current writing projects as well. I miss you so much, Brian. See you at NYU for your graduation next spring.

To my husband, Michael: It would take several pages to thank you for all you've done and all you mean to me, Lindy. You're my soul-mate, my best friend, and the one who won't let me get away with anything!
I love you. If my words are the heart of this book, then your paintings are its soul. What a collaboration. Many times over the years we both thought we were wasting our time to think our unique little book would ever see the light of day. I'm extremely glad we stuck it out. It gave
The Scandinavian Santa time to finally find his true identity.


  1. What a great list! Thanks for including me and CRAG. We are so proud of you for this wonderful book. It's been such a joy to watch it happen. Congratulations, Vicki and Lindy!

    1. Thanks, Celeste. Like so many things in life, it takes a village to create a book. You and Dave are definitely key members of the tribe! ^_^