Friday, July 25, 2014

Storyteller's Journey

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       A Writer's Different Hats

Even before embarking on my path to publication I was acutely aware of the multi-tasking that is required of an aspiring author. Now that I'm busy not only with the writing of my W.I.P., but with exploring marketing opportunites, I feel like I "put on a different hat" nearly every day!

As a natural introvert and a writer who enjoys my time in my creative cave, the need to interact with different professionals in my desire to market The Scandinavian Santa is a bit too much socializing at times.

When I set out on my storyteller's journey I had no idea that I'd be meeting with a videographer, or taking PowerPoint  classes, or experiencing any number of new situations. My love for writing was why I decided to pursue publication so many years ago. However, I must admit that some of the new tasks I've tackled have actually caused me to grow as a person, and even sometimes, to confront and conquer a hidden fear along the way.

Here are a few of the "hats" I've worn on my storyteller's journey:

Writer, researcher, editor, blogger, social network butterfly, conference attendee, student (creative writing and PowerPoint classes), and computer geek, to name a few. By far the "hats" that have been the most difficult to wear are those that make me feel uncomfortable; those that require me to be just a bit of an extrovert. As the publication date for my book draws near, there seems to be more and more need to wear the "hat" of an extrovert. Maybe after the release of my book I'll get back to wearing a minimal of hats, lest I become a mad hatter!

As a writer, have you "worn a hat" that seems a bit uncomfortable?

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