Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sentimental Serendipity

Earlier this week I attended a "sneak-peek" of the new Fort Vancouver Regional Library - the Grand Opening is on July 17th. Although I will miss our old community library - this new one is breathtaking - take a look...

This wall is both inspiring and artistic; the entire library pushes the architectural boundaries of tradition out the window! By the way, the old facility will become the new home for the business and administrative offices, for all thirteen library branches in Clark County.

The children's section takes up a full floor of the library; complete with lots of opportunities for educational interaction - like the little boat! This will be a familiar area to me, since I volunteer at the library on Tuesday mornings, helping out with the children.

Earlier in my blog I mentioned this new library and I said that it has four stories; technically it is considered to have five stories - with the basement floor. The openness and light in this modern facility are wonderful - it will help to brighten even the grayest of Northwest days!

Although I am an avid reader of adult novels, I must confess to spending alot of time in the children's section. Check out my blog on Mondays; Bibliophile's Corner includes a book review of great children's literature every week.
This beautiful south facing observation deck includes bamboo trees, metal sculptures, and an amazing view of the Columbia River! If you are a local, be sure and check out your new library later this month, when it will be open to the public. I hope you enjoyed this tour of one of my new favorite places.

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