Friday, November 12, 2021

Storyteller’s Journey

This Writer’s Ups & Downs 

Last week I took a quick trip to Arizona with my husband. The main purpose of our time away was primarily to check up on my mother. She’d been dealing with an infection that had severely weakened her. Thankfully, she’d already been improving by the time we arrived there. That being said, it’s always nice to get away from the rainy weather of the Pacific Northwest for a bit, and warm up in a hotter climate.

It was an incredible relief to see my mom doing so well, and to see some of my other family members, too. However, little did I know what a high personal price I’d pay for that trip to Arizona. When we returned to Portland, OR, my knee gave out while we were exiting the shuttle bus at PDX; I tumbled out, severely injuring my right knee. I am now on crutches and scheduled for an MRI later this week. 

You never know what obstacle might next present itself!

These crutches have been unwrapped and are now my only mode of mobility around the house. While recently I lamented the need for weekly visits to the library due to no internet service at our home, I am now relying on the 5G hotspot on my iPhone and connecting with my iPad. I used this photo because our home is so messy that I couldn’t bear to post a current photo online. (It feels like we’re living in the chaos of a college dorm!)

Wish me luck with these new obstacles along my storyteller’s journey!